2020 Fall Soccer Registration Is Now Open


Before Your Click The Registration Link Please Read This:

Based on the most recent announcement from Recreation and Parks, all indications are that the County anticipates a normal fall season as things rapidly open this summer. On that positive note we will plan for a normal fall season with a few important changes. The biggest one is that we can no longer offer refunds under any circumstances.  If a fall season is cancelled we will happily credit your account in full for any future sport at ERA. If you have a pending registration from the spring season Team Snap is currently working on their credit system which is now in an alpha release.  Once this has been released to the public everyone with an existing credit will see this credit in the system to use when they register.  Until that time, if you have an existing credit that you want to use in the fall please email so we can update your prior registration to use for the upcoming season.

Here is a general synopsis of the organizational changes for the upcoming season:

1. This registration system is for fall recreational or house soccer players only. If you plan to play county/travel soccer or any other sport besides house soccer please email for a customized team registration link. We are not posting these links publicly any longer due to the confusion they created for those registering.

2. We will no longer be responsible for finding coaches and team administrators for house and recreational teams. Coaches need to be selected from parent volunteers prior to the season starting.  Teams can have as many coaches as they wish but must have at least a coach and team manager prior to the start of the season. If you are interested, let your team know by communicating to the team in Team Snap once you have registered and been assigned to a team. If your team cannot find a coach and cannot begin the season your funds will credited to be used for a future season. We do not see this being a problem as most of our teams use parent volunteers as coaches but want to make sure that everyone is aware of the new policy prior to submitting their registration. Only a very small number of teams had coaches who were not parent volunteers. This is an important step in progressing towards becoming a social sports organization. What does this mean? We are going to focus on bringing athletes together and allowing our teams to operate independently. Our main focus will be providing a place (Elvaton Park) for athletes to participate in a variety of sports and activities. We will provide a registration mechanism, team structure, and we will also provide a method for athletes and parents to communicate with one another.  We will leave it up to the the teams to find volunteers who will support the teams (coaches, managers, team parents, etc). Those divided groups will be responsible for deciding how each team operates, scheduling, team communication, and the various other aspects of running a sports team. We will work with each team to provide game and practice schedules for the season and make sure that officials are scheduled for games, if necessary. This may sound scary, however, it will allow parents to have greater control over when and where their children play and practice. It will also allow those teams that want to compete in more competitive leagues to operate autonomously. This will also allow us to keep registration fees low. If we had continued to operate the way we were operating pre-COVID-19, due to the losses and increase in expenses experienced during these unprecedented times, we would have been forced to double registration rates for the fall and winter.

3. Jerseys are not included with your registration. If you need a jersey, you must order that at the time of registration. We have gone to a single jersey for all house sports (with the exception of our older baseball groups). Jerseys may be reused for other house sports in future seasons as long as they still fit. The jerseys are yours to keep one you receive them. You may have a jersey already from a prior season (these are reversible blue and white tanks). If you have one, this is good for all recreational sports with the exception of baseball 10U and up.

4. You must provide an email and cell phone number for at least one parent or guardian.  This information will be used as a primary point of contact in case of an emergency. Please have this information prior to registering. Most parents were duplicating the parent in the emergency section of the registration system so we combined this section to remove some of the repetitiveness during the registration process.

5. We have added a COVID-19 waiver required as part of registration. You must agree to this disclaimer in order to complete your registration.

6. Currently the fall 2020 season is scheduled to start the last week in August. A $30.00 late registration fee will be added to all registrations starting on August 15, 2020. Players will be added to active rosters on a weekly basis. You will be able to communicate with your team and begin planning your season once you are added to an active roster. Once the program is full registration will close without notice.

7. Payment must be made at the time of registration. If you have a credit from a past season and do not see this credit when registering please complete the registration without providing payment information and reach out to so someone can transfer your credit manually. 

ERA registration is now powered by TeamSnap.

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– Wayne Gretzky