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2024 Spring Softball Commissioner: Meredith McAlister (

ERA SOFTBALL: ERA Softball is a girls sport that is available for all girls ages 7 to 18. 


The spring season officially begins on April 1st (Depending on Weather Practices Begin Mid-March) and ends in June.  League start dates can vary by league.  Currently our house league games are scheduled to begin in Early to Mid-April.

Due to COVID-19 we strongly advise players to purchase their own equipment, however we do provide community equipment (helmets and bats) as well as full catchers gear to each team.  It is up to each team to disinfect the equipment between uses if multiple players are sharing equipment.


The following are recommendations. Depending on the number of registrants we reserve to right to modify the age groups and may create hybrid rules for those hybrid leagues.  If there are not enough registrants to form a house league we may combine teams and host inter-squad scrimmages and fill the schedule with other local recreational teams.

Coach Pitch  (8U): All games are played as coach pitch.  Rules are introduced with the emphasis remaining on fun.  A large amount of repetition is introduced in this age group as players begin to understand the finer intricacies of the game. Scores, results and statistics are not kept by the league. Games are generally in-house unless a sufficient number of teams can not be obtained to form a league in which case we arrange games with other local teams.  When this occurs travel is minimized to the greatest extent possible. Behind the plate catchers are optional at this level, however we do recommend starting to introduce all players to the position with safety in mind.


Softball (10U, 12U, 14U, HSE): All games are player pitch.   We are trying to establish a house league at these levels however over the past few years numbers have been low. When we can not form a league we will attempt to schedule local games against teams at a similar level or joint the North County Community Girls Softball League. The formation of these teams is fluid and is largely controlled individually at the team level.  If a team wants to customize uniforms or play in a particular league they are welcome to arrange that as a team.  The team may also decide as a group top participate in tournaments or other area events. All extraneous fees are the responsibility of the team, these include league and tournament fees.  


Travel Softball: ERA can host teams that are looking to play at a higher level. Opportunities exist for ages 8U through 14U.  The specifics depend on the coach, the team and the league that they participate in. Coaches must submit rosters for pre-approval to ERA and those rosters cannot be modified once submitted without ERA approval. Opportunities are granted on a case by case basis, if you are interested please reach out to the organization to discuss the opportunity.  Travel softball fees vary team by team and we can work with your administration to customize the experience for your team.  Two practices a week with no home games begin at $200 per person per season with a minimum of 10 registrants.  Teams are expected to provide their own administrative support and also provide all of their own equipment including jerseys. Spring season (March 15th - May 30th), Summer season (June 1 - August 31st), Fall Season (September 1st - November 15th).

Fall Softball: ERA hosts certain age groups wishing to play fall ball.  We participate in leagues that require travel locally within the state.  For more information please reach out to the softball commissioner.


REGISTRATION: The ERA season begins with online registration which generally opens in January.  Registration is time limited and will close prior to the start of the season or when the program has filled. We have a strict no refund policy, see the registration form for more information.

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