“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

– Wayne Gretzky


ERA BASEBALL: ERA Baseball is a coed sport that is available for all children ages 3 to 15.  Our younger teams play in our recreational or in-house league and our older teams play in the Anne Arundel Baseball Coop.  We also host travel teams that play more competitively within the State of Maryland.  The spring season begins on April 1st (earlier if weather permits) and runs through the end of the school year.

RECREATION PLAY: Players are placed in a league that corresponds to their age on specified date (chosen by AACO) of the current year.  Teams practice twice a week before games begin and then average two events a week during the season (a mix of games and practices).  At most a team will have two weeknight events and one Saturday event over the course of a week. Practice times and days are coordinated with each coach after registration closes and are released to the parents shortly after rosters are created.

ASSIGNMENTS: ERA tries to create teams with the best interest of each child in mind.  We place kids on teams by age, school, location and finally to whenever possible using special requests.  We cannot guarantee a special request however we make every effort to make everyone happy. The earlier you register the greater the chance of a special request being granted.  If a special request is not granted a refund will NOT be issued. Please see our refund policy on the registration form for more details.


Tee Ball Clinic (4U): A fun intro to the game of baseball.  One large group that meets twice a week for practice, fun and games.  They get an introduction to the sport and get to spend time with their friends in a laid back and fun environment. This group is run completely by parent volunteers from the group of registrants.  The focus is on fun and learning at this age and players use the tees for the entire season.  Jerseys are not required at this level and players are not divided into teams.  The group practices together at on the same field at the same time.  A minimum of 10 registrations are required and a maximum of 40 registrations are accepted.  If the required minimum number is not reached refunds can be issued.

Coach Pitch w/ Mandatory Tee Rescue (6U): All games at this level will be coach pitch to the greatest extent possible.  The coaches will agree to a set number of pitches (usually 4-6 depending on the total number of players) and if a player is unable to hit the ball, they will have an opportunity to hit using a tee.  All players may only take one base and a base is always awarded even if the player is thrown out or tagged out.  Each side hits through once per inning with the last batter clearing the bases. Games are generally two innings but can be more depending on the time remaining and the size of the teams.  The main goal at this level is to have fun and allow players as many reps as possible throughout the game.  The season starts with two practices a week and then transitions into two games a week. Coaches and parents who have completed AACO Volunteer Background Checks are encouraged to spend time on the field with their children and help to coach them during each game. Scores, results and statistics are not kept by the league. All coaches are volunteers.


Coach Pitch w/ Optional Tee Rescue (8U): All games are played as coach pitch.  Rules are introduced with the emphasis remaining on fun.  A large amount of repetition is introduced in this age group as players begin to understand the finer intricacies of the game. Scores, results and statistics are not kept by the league. Games can be in-house against other ERA teams or against other local teams.  Travel is minimized to the greatest extent possible and there are two practices a week until the season begins.  After opening day there are generally three team events per week (a mix of practices and games). All coaches are volunteers.


Baseball (10U, 12U, 15U): All games are player pitch. Games are against other local area teams. Practices are held twice a week until the start of the season and then once a week during the season.  There are generally two games a week and when there is not a game additional practice time will be available. All coaches are volunteers.  Please note the league we play in is dictated by the number of area players/teams that have registered with other local organizations. If the number of hyper-local area teams is low we reserve the right to enter the team into the AACO league which requires travel in and around AACO.  


Travel Baseball: ERA can host teams that are looking to play at a higher level. Opportunities exist for ages 8U through 14U.  The specifics depend on the coach, the team and the league that they participate in. Coaches must submit rosters for pre-approval to ERA and those rosters cannot be modified once submitted without ERA approval. Opportunities are granted on a case by case basis, if you are interested please reach out to the organization to discuss the opportunity.  Travel baseball fees vary team by team and we can work with your administration to customize the experience for your team.  Two practices a week with no home games begin at $200 per person per season with a minimum of 10 registrants.  Teams are expected to provide their own administrative support and also provide all of their own equipment including jerseys. Spring season (March 15th - May 30th), Summer season (June 1 - August 31st), Fall Season (September 1st - November 15th).



Tee Ball Clinic (4U) - $70.00

Coach Pitch w/ Tee Rescue (6U) - $100.00

Coach Pitch (8U) - $120.00

Baseball (10U, 12U, 15U) - $130.00


Costs are subject to change. Final costs will appear in the registration system and may differ.  The above costs are only registration fees and do not include equipment, accessories or jerseys. If you are playing at the recreational level you will receive an ERA blue and white reversible jersey which can be used for all ERA recreational sports.  If you are playing in the coop or county league you will receive a team jersey and that jersey will need to be re-purchased each season.


REGISTRATION: The ERA season begins with online registration which generally opens in January.  Registration is time limited and will close prior to the start of the season or when the program has filled. Once registration closes a $30 late registration fee will be assessed for all registrations and will only be accepted if space is available in that age group.  Refund policies differ based on deadlines, see the registration form for more information.

FALL BASEBALL: ERA can host teams for Fall Baseball in the AACO league.  Teams must have a minimum of 10 players to be considered.  Rosters must be submitted and pre-approved by the organization and all players must be registered prior to the county deadline for submitting rosters. This requires advanced planning, if you are interested please do not wait.  ERA does not provide administrative support, equipment or jerseys for the fall.  Also please note that our field maintenance decreases during this time of the year and depending on the amount of rain received field conditions can vary greatly. Fields will not be lined if you want to host a non-league game and all umpire fees will need to be paid by the team. Please note that Fall Baseball is an out of season sport so field times are not scheduled until the fall sport schedule is released.