ERA was forever changed in March of 2020.

ERA a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, an organization dedicated to providing Anne Arundel County youth with a facility that allows every child the opportunity to play an organized team sport, was about to start the spring 2020 season when the outbreak occurred causing us to suspend operation.

We waited patiently as our partners including Anne Arundel County and several surrounding organizations decided to cancel their spring sport seasons. Begrudgingly and only after many meetings we also decided to follow suit, knowing that it could very well spell the end of our storied organization. We've had to make some tough decisions, become leaner, and change the way we perform day to day operations.

The most drastic change will come in the form of how the organization operates. Beginning with the fall 2020 season we will begin transforming ERA into a social sports organization.


What does this mean?


We are going to focus on bringing athletes together and allowing our teams to operate independently.  Our main focus will be providing a place (Elvaton Park) for athletes to participate in a variety of sports and activities. We will provide a registration mechanism, team structure, and we will also provide a method for athletes and parents to communicate with one another.  We will leave it up to the the teams to find volunteers who will support the teams (coaches, managers, team parents, etc). Those divided groups will be responsible for deciding how each team operates, scheduling, team communication and the various other aspects of running a sports team. This change will lessen the overhead expenses of the organization and will require teams to provide their own support utilizing parent and family volunteers. In doing this we will be able to sustain costs at their current levels while running the organization with a bare bones staff of volunteers. Our hope is these changes will allow us to keep the organization afloat through these tough times. We anticipate the financial impact from this crisis will last through 2023 and perhaps beyond depending on what lies ahead.

We appreciate those who have reached out to help, without you there is no way we could have made it through 2020. Thank you again for all of your patience and words of encouragement during these tough times. I hope all ERA families are health and happy and everyone understands that we are all in this together.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

– Wayne Gretzky